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Check out what clients are saying about working with Nicole

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Working with Nicole was SUCH a game changer for me in so many different ways! I’d been weight training for years and wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted no matter what I did in the gym. I always got to a point where I couldn’t lift anymore weight and my muscles would just stop growing. I tried doing a little research online but was afraid of following bad/dangerous advice and then I found an article that said meeting your fitness goals was 30% what you did in the gym and 70% your diet. I panicked because I had no idea what to do and I was afraid of gaining too much weight if I ate too much (my family has a history of weight gain issues)... But then I found Nicole and in just two weeks of working with her I started seeing differences. I was more alert during the day, I had more endurance at the gym, and I could lift more weight than before! Then a couple of weeks after working with her I started actually seeing differences in my body shape. I am finally beginning to  reach my fitness goals and it’s all thanks to Nicole!! I cannot recommend working with her enough. I wish that I found her sooner! If you’re at a place in your fitness journey that you can’t get past, or if your worried about gaining weight, being sluggish during the day etc. please work with her. It’s a game changer and I promise you it’s worth it. Plus she’s really nice and funny so it’s such a pleasure working with her as well! 

-Jamaica P.

Nicole makes eating healthy easy! She broke everything down into categories of food, and let me know how much of each food group I should be eating. She carefully calculated my nutritional needs based on my current level of physical activity and my health goals. This makes it so much easier to manage and incorporate into my lifestyle. Once we went through it all, I was surprised at how much she was telling me to eat because all other diets you are forced to cut out too many things leaving you hungry or craving something more. But after immersing myself into this change in my eating habits, I actually found that I was full all the time, and still had opportunities to eat more. Not once have I felt like I was hungry and in no way have I deprived myself of things like carbs, sugar or chocolate. I eat whatever I want, but the guidelines she provided makes me more mindful of my portions and how I'm combining food groups to make the fullness last so I'm not starving in an hour.

After a few days, I started feeling progress. She warned me that any weight loss would be gradual so it's healthier on my body, but I started feeling more energetic and noticed my clothes were fitting better.  After checking the scale, I've lost more than I expected in this period of time and I'm continuously making progress towards my health goals. Unlike fad diets like keto or some disgusting meal/shake plan, I'm in total control and I don't feel guilty about eating bread or some chips.  She also doesn't shame you for eating something "bad" because it can all be allowed within reason. I'm so grateful for Nicole for encouraging me to get my health back on track, and she is one of the main reasons why I feel so amazing today. I could go on and on about how wonderful she is, but I would encourage you to work with her yourself because I promise you will not be disappointed. She is absolutely wonderful!

- Rosemary M.

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